Commercial Contractor in New Oxford, PA

Open Book Construction, LLC was created to offer an unprecedented flat fee service to our clients in the construction industry. Open Book Construction, LLC’s name is just as it sounds. We share all of the proposals and invoices with our clients and there are no hidden fees.

Open Book Construction, LLC


At Open Book Construction, we care about the well-being of our team. To ensure the safety of everybody at Open Book, various measures are taken. We have weekly “tool box talks” to maintain a proper relationship with the tools and materials on the site. Injury is unacceptable and it is our promise to take the proper precautions so that at the end of the day everyone can go home happy healthy and rest assured.


When it comes to quality we believe that results speak louder than words, this is why you can see many of our projects exactly as we left them on the “Project Gallery” page.

When it comes to quality at Open Book, we ensure not only a quality service, but also a quality experience. We make sure that you know exactly where your money is going so that you know you’re getting the best that money can buy.

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